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Lumbar Muscle Block

What does Lumbar Muscle Block mean?

 Here is what each word means:

  1. Lumbar: area of the spine located in the low-back
  2. Muscle Block: to inject a medication into a muscle to block pain

Altogether, “Lumbar Muscle Block” means injecting medication into a low-back muscle to relieve pain.

Why is a Muscle Block done?                              

Muscle blocks are typically done to relieve pain and spasm from an inflamed or irritated muscle.

How is a Lumbar Muscle Block done?

Here are some of the steps of how this injection is done:

  1. This procedure is typically done in an exam room.
  2. The painful area of the muscle is identified
  3. The skin over the muscle is cleaned with an antiseptic
  4. A small needle is inserted into the muscle and medication is injected. Commonly used medications are Local Anesthetics and Steroids.
  5. The needle is withdrawn and a band-aid placed.

What kind of benefit can patients gain from a Lumbar Muscle Block?

The results from spinal injections can vary significantly. Pain can be relieved for weeks to months or longer, depending on the underlying spine problem.